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Download the Best Training Schedules for Football Manager 2012

I’ve been on the lookout for good training regimes for FM 2012 and after some research I can say that this post includes the very best training schedules for Football Manager 2012. I have visited almost every Football Manager fan site and forum out there looking for these and I have selected four training schedules that look good enough to make a difference. Let me introduce them one by one.

Maestro Ugo’s FM 2012 Training Schedules

Maestro Ugo was pretty successful with his schedules for FM 2011 and now he strikes again with brand new training regimes for FM 2012. There are both senior and youth schedules included and the basic philosophy is, according to the author, as follows: “Create training regimes of slightly higher workload than the default ones (two ticks higher workload), that would emphasize what I consider to be important attribute for a given position. Even though the SI finally started differentiating between positions by implementing four different default schedules, I still feel more differentiation is needed, thus creating these. Youth training should be more versatile than the senior one, thus the youth schedules are more general, ensuring players will improve in most of the areas, but still focusing on the position specific ones.
Here is a quick run-down of the included schedules:
Senior schedules:
MU – GK: for keepers
MU – FB: for fullbacks
MU – WB: for wingbacks
MU – DC: for central defenders
MU – DM: for defensive midfielders and defence oriented MCs
MU – AM: for attacking midfielders and attack oriented MCs
MU – WG: for wingers
MU – ST(fast): for fast, poaching type strikers
MU – ST(strng): for strong, target man type strikers
Youth schedules:
MU – Y (gk) – for young keepers
MU – Y (def) – for young defensively oriented players (DC, FB, DM)
MU – Y (wng) – for young wingers and wingbacks (AMRL, WB)
MU – Y (att) – for young attacking oriented players (ST, AMC)
You can find more information and download Maestro Ugo’s training schedule by clicking here.

Macdab55 Training Schedules for FM 2012

This one also includes schedules for players on part-time contracts along with regimes for full time and youth players. Each category has the following specific regimes:
GK- goalkeepers
CB- central defenders
FB- full backs
DMC- defensive midfielders
MC- central midfielders
AMC- attacking midfielders
WIG- wingers
ST- strikers.

DOWNLOAD : http://www.gamefront.com/files/20907054/schedules_rar

Ajinkx’s Training for FM 2012

Ajinkx made something a bit more complex, based on SFraser’s approach. There are two schedules for injured players that can be used to bring them back into shape quickly and there also are schedules for first team players, youth team players and schedules specifically designed for young players who have to be helped to reach their potential (these are the “Dev” schedules). Here’s the full list:
For Goalkeepers :
AT GKs MainTeam
AT GKs Dev
AT GKs Youth

For Centre Backs:
AT CBs MainTeam
AT CBs Dev
AT CBs Youth
For Full backs:
AT FBs MainTeam
AT FBs Dev
AT FBs Youth

For Defensive Midfielders/Anchor Men/ Ball winning midfielders:
AT DMs MainTeam
AT DMs Dev
AT DMs Youth

For Central Midfielders:
AT CMs MainTeam
AT CMs Dev
AT CMs Youth

For Attacking Midfielders:
AT AMs MainTeam
AT AMs Dev
AT AMs Youth

For Wide Midfielders/Wingers/Inside Forwards:
AT WMs MainTeam
AT WMs Dev
AT WMs Youth

For Target Men:
AT TMS MainTeam
AT TMS Youth

For Fast Strikers:
AT FST MainTeam
AT FST Youth

DOWNLOAD :  http://www.fmformation.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=3199

How to install training schedules in Football Manager 2012

1. If you have downloaded the whole pack including all the four schedules you will have to extract the downloaded “schedules.zip” file to Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2012. If you do that a folder named “schedules” will be created in there and it will contain all these training schedules (.tsh files).
2. Open your Football Manager 2012 game and navigate to your team’s training screen. Then click the “Schedules” tab as shown in the screen shot below.
fm 2012 schedules 1 600x277
3. Click the “Manage schedules” button at the bottom of the screen.
fm 2012 schedules 2 600x484
4. The “Manage schedules” window will pop up and there you will have to click the “Import” button.
fm 2012 schedules 3 600x326
5. Once you click the “Import” button a new window will pop up and the game should have automatically selected the “schedules” folder as the source for importing (if that didn’t happen just select that folder yourself from the drop-down menu.) All you have to do now is click the schedule that you want to import and then hit the “Select” button.
fm 2012 schedules 4 600x423
6. Once you do that all the training categories will be shown to you in a new window and all that you have to do is click “OK”.
fm 2012 schedules 5 600x333
7. The schedules are safely imported in your game at this point and all that’s left to do is to navigate to the “Players” tab and assign your players to the respective training regimes as shown in the screen shot below.
fm 2012 schedules 6 600x257
That’s all, enjoy these fine training schedules for FM 2012 and please let us know if you find any other good ones!

Download Real Names Fix for Football Manager 2012

Due to licensing restrictions some competition, awards and team names in Football Manager 2012 are not the real ones. Sports Interactive can’t do much about that but we can fm 2012 icon wink What I am offering you today is a way to see the real competition names, real award names and real team names in FM 2012 through a very small download and a very simple procedure. Once you install the fix you will be able to see glorious real names in your game, like this:

fm 2012 2 premier league

So, instead of Premier Division or Champions Cup you will see the real names that you are used to but this fix offers a lot more: real names for Japanese Clubs, real names for International Awards and quite a few more.
Now let’s get to it. First download the file by clicking the picture below:

fm 2012 1 champions league

How to install
The file is a zip archive so you will have to extract it to a location of your choice using an archive utility program like WinZip, 7-zip or others. Once you extract the files you will have a folder containing four files as shown in the screen shot below:
fm 2012 3 files
Now you will have to copy those four files to the following location and overwrite any old files if asked:
Program Files>Steam>steamapps>common>football manager 2012>data>db>1200>lnc>all
Once there will be patches released by SI you will also have to copy those files to the update locations, those will be like this (XXXX replaces the update number, those will probably be 1210, 1220 and so on):
Program Files>Steam>steamapps>common>football manager 2012>data>updates>update-XXXX>db>XXXX>lnc>all
Program Files>Steam>steamapps>common>football manager 2012>data>db>XXXX>lnc>all
Please note that you will have to copy the files to both locations listed once you install an official patch.



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Football Manager 2012 - Large DataBase

Counting over 800 new features, not including changes to the rules of the games 50+ leagues, Football Manager 2012 promises to be the most realistic, immersive and playable football management simulation ever for any fan who has ever dreamed of making the big decisions, both on and off the field.

How to use :

documentos/sports interactive/football manager 2012/PANELS



- Fixed a bug where the game gets stuck when the user is forced to register a youth player who turned into a pro in the Australian A-League.

- Fixed issue with player bans not working correctly in the First Division.

- Fixed crash when using the "Pick Team For Me" button when all manageable clubs have been taken over by human managers.
- Fixed crash when activating a new division level which has promotion/relegation playoffs with the division above and is made up of regional divisions. (e.g. Third level in Sweden)
- Fixed crash on game startup if a club's loyalty and passion supporter profiles are set to 0 using the editor.
- Game now doesn't allow nations to be deactivated in 2011 before its competitions have finished. This was causing a few problems later in the game.
- Fixed bug where Spanish outfield player could not be given a valid squad number before match if a goalkeeper already had number 25 and number 13 was the only number free.
- Fixed an issue which was affecting AMD/ATI Radeon Cards causing intermittent crashes

- Some colour clash fixes.

- Fixed bug where players currently selected in an U19 team are then deemed to old when the U19 European Championship qualifiers are scheduled.
- Fixed bug where a replacement player could not be called up to a national team that doesn't have a full squad selected.
- The overage players in the squad can now play for U23 team friendlies before the Olympic Games.

- Twitter and Youtube login now works on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.



Editora: SEGA
Desenvolvimento: Sports Interactive
Género: Sport


1. Unpack the release
2. Mount or burn image
3. Install
4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder to the game installation
5. Play the game
6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!

Football Manager Mania

Football Manager 2012 Wonderkids and Young Talents 


Traditionally I am gland to present a new convenient wonderkids list. It contains many Football Manager 2012 wonderkids and young talents. I spent much time creating this one. This list will be useful for those who need some help in search of FM 2012 wonderkids and young talents. Therefore I hope you will appreciate my efforts.
Here are some important rules regarding the list:
  • It consists of more than 400 talented FM 2012 players.
  • There is a strong age restriction: all players must be 21 years old or younger.
  • Several columns describe the players: Name, Country, Age, Club, Value and Wage.
  • Value and Wage are specified in US dollars ($).
  • Attention! Every column is sortable. Clicking on the column headers sorts the table.
  • Young talents are grouped into tables by positions.
  • I used various player search methods to create the list: in-game player search, scouts, U21 national teams lookup, my old FM 2011 wonderkids list, reading discussions of Football Manager 2012 wonderkids on forums.
  • Each player was checked by me personally.
I want you also to know this list is extendable. If you know any Football Manager 2012 wonderkid or talented player who is not older than 21 years old, just write a comment about him. Later on I will check your player and add him if he is worth it. So the list is growing continuosly, this is the reason why you would like to follow it every week.

Share the list with your friends! They'll be happy!


Some entertaining stats

Top 5 nations providing talents for the list below:
1. Brazil 69
2. France 53
3. Spain 42
4. England 41
5. Germany 24
Top 6 clubs providing talents for the list below:
1. Arsenal 11
2. Barcelona 10
3. Manchester Utd 10
4. Chelsea 9
5. Schalke 8
6. Liverpool 8

Goalkeepers (GK)

De Gea - one of Football Manager 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
David De Gea Spain 20 Manchester Utd 27.5M 80K
Thibaout Courtois Belgium 19 Atletico Madrid 12.25M 32.5K
Wojciech Szczesny Poland 21 Arsenal 6.5M 32K
Bernd Leno Germany 19 Leverkusen 5.75M 2.1K
Marc-Andre ter Stegen Germany 19 Gladbach 4.8M 13.5K
Kevin Trapp Germany 20 Kaiserslautern 4.3M 3.1K
Rafael Brazil 21 Santos 3.9M 15.5K
Neto Brazil 21 Fiorentina 2.8M 16.5K
Renan Brazil 20 Corinthians 2.8M 9.25K
Maxym Koval Ukraine 18 Dynamo Kyiv 2.6M 4.5K
Matej Delac Croatia 18 Chelsea 2.4M 13.5K
Pierrick Cros France 20 Sochaux 2.4M 5.25K
Jason Steele England 20 Middlesbrough 1.9M 1.6K
Colin Coosemans Belgium 18 Club Brugge 1.8M 1.7K
Mika Portugal 20 Benfica 1.5M 3.5K
Alex Smithies England 21 Huddersfield 1.3M 6.5K
Alphonse Areola France 18 PSG 1.2M 0.95K
Laurentiu Branescu Romania 17 Juventus 0.9M 2K
Vlado Giljen Montenegro 21 Nacional de Madeira 0.875M 1.1K
Hobie Verhulst Holland 18 AZ 0.725M 0.525K

Central Defenders (DC)

Phil Jones - one of Football Manager 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Phil Jones England 19 Manchester Utd 26.5M 64K
Sebastian Coates Uruguay 20 Liverpool 11.5M 40K
Mateo Musacchio Argentina 20 Villarreal 10.75M 14.5K
Mamadou Sakho France 21 PSG 10.25M 38.5K
Kyriakos Papadopoulos Greece 19 Schalke 10M 32K
Stefan Savic Montenegro 20 Manchester City 9.5M 29.5K
Joel Matip Cameroon 19 Schalke 9.5M 21.5K
Raphael Varane France 18 Real Madrid 9M 27K
Breno Brazil 21 Bayern Munich 6.75M 69K
Chris Smalling England 21 Manchester Utd 7.5M 64K
Nicolas Nkoulou Cameroon 21 OM 7M 48K
Jordi Amat Spain 19 Espanyol 6.5M 10K
Ezequiel Muñoz Argentina 20 Palermo 6.5M 33K
Dedryck Boyata Belgium 20 Manchester City 6M 12K
Grant Hanley Scotland 19 Blackburn 6M 1.6K
Ciaran Clark Ireland 21 Aston Villa 5.75M 29K
Martin Kelly England 21 Liverpool 5.5M 24K
Jon Aurtenetxe Spain 19 Athletic 5.5M 7.25K
Neuton Brazil 21 Udinese 5.25M 16K
Danny Wilson Scotland 19 Liverpool 5M 32K
Sergiy Kryvtsov Ukraine 20 Shakhtar 5M 9.25K
Jonathan Mensah Ghana 20 Evian 4.6M 22K
Yaroslav Rakitskyi Ukraine 21 Shakhtar 4.6M 16.75K
Omer Toprak Germany 21 Leverkusen 4.4M 21K
Kyle Bartley England 20 Arsenal 4.2M 2.4K
Craig Dawson England 21 West Brom 3.75M 6.5K
Nathaniel Chalobah England 16 Chelsea 3.8M 0.09K
Andreu Fontas Spain 21 Barcelona 3.5M 14.75K
Saimon Brazil 20 Gremio 3.2M 2.5K
Stefan Bell Germany 19 Frankfurt 3.1M 3.2K
Gael Andonian France 16 OM 3M 0.095K
Michele Camporese Italy 19 Fiorentina 2.9M 7K
Nicolai Boilesen Denmark 19 Ajax 2.8M 5.5K
Willy Boly France 20 Auxerre 2.7M 9.5K
Tomas Kalas Czech Rep. 18 Chelsea 2.7M 12.75K
Sergi Gomez Spain 18 Barcelona 2.7M 2.2K
Shane Duffy Ireland 19 Everton 2.4M 3.2K
Romario Brazil 19 Internacional 2.3M 0.625K
Rafael Toloi Brazil 20 Goias 2.2M 11K
Dalton Brazil 21 Internacional 2.2M 2.5K
Leonel Galeano Argentina 19 Independiente 2M 2.6K
Matija Nastasic Serbia 18 Fiorentina 1.9M 6.25K
Sebastian Toro Chile 21 Colo Colo 1.8M 0.5K
Monty Gimpel Germany 17 Leeds United 1.1M 0.95K
Ignasi Miguel Spain 18 Arsenal 0.825M 2.4K
Ryan Bennett England 21 Peterborough 0.45M 6.5K
Siyanda Xulu South Africa 19 Sundowns 0.21M 1.2K

Left Defenders (DL, WBL)

Fabio - one of Football Manager 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Fabio Brazil 20 Manchester Utd. 7.5M 16K
Jose Angel Spain 21 Roma 7M 33K
Kieran Gibbs England 21 Arsenal 6.5M 20K
Ryan Bertrand England 21 Chelsea 5M 4K
Alex Sandro Brazil 20 Porto 4.5M 21K
Arman Traore Senegal 21 Q.P.R. 4.5M 32K
Diego Contento Italy 21 Bayern Munich 4.4M 21.5K
Gabriel Silva Brazil 20 Palmeiras 3.9M 1.2K
Darvin Chavez Mexico 21 Monterrey 3.3M 13.25K
Jack Robinson England 17 Liverpool 3.1M 0.8K
Gabriel Araujo Brazil 19 Cruzeiro 3.1M 0.925K
Juninho Brazil 21 Figueirense 3.1M 4.1K
Dodo Brazil 19 Bahia 3M 2.5K
Kevin Theophile-Catherine France 21 Stade Rennais 3M 14.5K
Raphael Guerreiro France 17 Caen 2.7M 0.85K
Heracles Brazil 18 Atletico Paran. 2.5M 2.2K
Diogo Brazil 21 Anderlecht 2.4M 1.8K
Timothee Kolodziejczak France 19 Lyon 2.1M 7.75K
Benjamin Mendy France 16 Havre 2M 0.675K
Massadio Haidara France 18 Nancy Lorraine 1.9M 0.95K
Lucas Digne France 17 Lille 1.7M 0.95K
Atila Turan France 19 Sporting CP 1.5M 9.75K
Enric Saborit Spain 19 Athletic 1.4M 1.1K
Gilian Wijnaldum Holland 18 AZ 1.3M 1.7K
Marco Capuano Italy 19 Pescara 1.1M 2K
Jerome Roussillon France 18 Sochaux 1M 1.1K
Maxime Poundje France 18 Nimes Olimpique 0.575M 1.4K

Right Defenders (DR, WBR)

Rafael - one of FM 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Rafael Brazil 20 Manchester Utd. 11.25M 24K
Davide Santon Italy 20 Newcastle 8.25M 40K
Cesar Azpilicueta Spain 21 OM 6.75M 32K
Mario Fernandes Brazil 20 Gremio 6M 15.5K
Kyle Walker England 21 Tottenham 6M 12.76K
Martin Montoya Spain 20 Barcelona 5.25M 6K
Timothy Chandler USA 21 Nurnberg 5M 18.5K
Dennis Diekmeier Germany 21 HSV 4.9M 20K
Diego Renan Brazil 21 Cruzeiro 4.7M 9.25K
John Flanagan England 18 Liverpool 4.7M 24K
Sebastien Corchia France 20 Sochaux 4.3M 18.75K
Mario Spain 20 Villarreal 4.2M 15.5K
Welder Brazil 20 Corinthians 3.6M 6.25K
Dennis Appiah France 19 Monaco 3.6M 0.925K
Galhardo Brazil 19 Flamengo 3.3M 0.925K
Tony Jantschke Germany 21 Gladbach 3M 9.5K
Julian Koch Germany 20 Dortmund 2.9M 23K
Serge Aurier Ivory Coast 18 Lens 2.8M 5.75K
Michel Brazil 21 Almeria 2.7M 5.25K
Marc Sirera Spain 18 Hercules 2.5M 0.08K
James Hurst England 19 Blackpool 2.5M 9.5K
Loris Nery France 20 Saint-Ettiene 2.5M 1.6K
Kenny Lala France 19 Valenciennes 2.3M 0.95K
Sime Vrsaljko Croatia 19 Dinamo 2.3M 0.85K
Peter Suswam Nigeria 19 Vit. Setubal 1.6M 1K
Romario Brazil 17 Vitoria 1.6M 0.85K
Adam Matthews Wales 19 Celtic 1.6M 6.5K
Jordan Spence England 21 Bristol City 1.6M 3.2K
Lamine Gassama France 21 Lyon 1.5M 9.5K
Mattias Johansson Sweden 19 Kalmar 1.2M 1.5K
Giulio Donati Italy 21 Padova 1M 6.75K

Defensive Central Midfielders (DMC)

Yann M'Villa - one of FM 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Yann M’Vila France 21 Stade Rennais 8.25M 26.5K
Aleksandar Ignjovski Serbia 20 Werder 7.5M 16.75K
Oriol Romeu Spain 19 Chelsea 6.75M 24K
Casemiro Brazil 19 Sao Paolo 6M 9.25K
Taras Stepanenko Ukraine 21 Shakhtar 5.5M 12.75K
Dan Gosling England 21 Newcastle 5.25M 32K
Francis Coquelin France 20 Arsenal 5.25M 32K
Havard Nordtveit Norway 21 Gladbach 4.9M 8K
Romulo Brazil 20 Vasco 4.4M 3.1K
Ignacio Camacho Spain 21 Malaga 4.1M 24K
Andrea Poli Italy 21 Inter 4.1M 28K
George Thorne England 18 West Brom 3.8M 6.5K
Emmanuel Badu Ghana 20 Udinese 3.8M 9.5K
Emmanuel Frimpong Ghana 19 Arsenal 3.7M 2.4K
Airlton Brazil 21 Flamengo 3.6M 14K
Christoph Moritz Germany 21 Schalke 3.5M 16K
Luiz Antonio Brazil 20 Flamengo 3.4M 4.6K
Amine Linganzi Congo 21 Blackburn 3.2M 16K
Geoffrey Kondogbia France 18 Lens 3.2M 1.7K
Filipe Soutto Brazil 20 Atletico Mineiro 3.1M 2.8K
Eliaquim Mangala France 20 Porto 3.1M 35K
Lucas Zen Brazil 20 Botafogo 2.9M 0.625K
Josuha Guilavogui France 20 Saint-Ettiene 2.8M 10.5K
Allan Brazil 20 Vasco 2.8M 2.5K
Rodrigo Caio Brazil 17 Sao Paolo 2.8M 5K
Ze Mario Brazil 19 Internacional 2.7M 0.925K
Afriyie Acquah Ghana 18 Palermo 2.7M 7.25K
Yannick M’Bone Cameroon 18 Cannes 2.4M 0.95K
Nampalys Mendy France 19 Monaco 2.4M 6K
Christopher Missilou France 18 Auxerre 2.4M 1K
Kamohelo Mokotjo South Africa 20 Feyenoord 2.1M 9.25K
Rémi Mulumba France 18 Lorient 2.1M 1K
Edu Ramos Spain 19 Villarreal 2M 0.475K
Emre Can Germany 17 Bayern Munich 1.9M 3.6K
Daniel Kofi Agyei Ghana 19 Fiorentina 1.8M 1.3K
Jordan Ferri France 19 Lyon 1.7M 1.5K
Rene Krhin Slovenia 21 Bologna 1.7M 14K
Kara Senegal 21 Tromso 1.5M 1.9K
Lorenzo Crisetig Italy 18 Inter 1.3M 0.35K
Romuald Lacazette France 17 PSG 1.2M 0.09K
Cheikou Kouyate Senegal 21 Anderlecht 0.775M 4.9K

Central Midfielders (MC)

Jordan Henderson - one of FM 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Jordan Henderson England 21 Liverpool 25.5M 110K
Toni Kroos Germany 21 Bayern Munich 15.75M 53K
Andre Ayew Ghana 20 OM 11.75M 32K
Ilkay Gundogan Germany 20 Dortmund 9.75M 48K
Mehmet Ekici Turkey 21 Werder 9.5M 35K
Moussa Sissoko France 21 Toulousse 9.75M 24.5K
David Alaba Austria 19 Bayern Munich 8.5M 24.5K
Jack Rodwell England 20 Everton 8.25M 48K
Aaron Ramsey Wales 20 Arsenal 8.5M 62K
Ander Herrera Spain 21 Athletic 8.25M 70K
Leroy Fer Holland 21 Twente 7.75M 9.5K
Koke Spain 19 Atletico Madrid 7.25M 10.5K
Josh McEachran England 18 Chelsea 7.25M 16K
Fabian Delph England 21 Aston Villa 7M 40K
Necip Uysal Turkey 20 Besiktas 7M 5.25K
Danilo Brazil 19 Santos 5.75M 12.25K
James McCarthy Ireland 20 Wigan 5.75M 16K
Sebastian Rudy Germany 21 Hoffenheim 5.75M 29K
Marco Hoger Germany 21 Schalke 5.25M 27K
Jonjo Shelvey England 19 Liverpool 5.25M 19.25K
Ross Barkley England 17 Everton 5M 1.3K
Kevin Strootman Holland 21 PSV 4.6M 14K
Barry Bannan Scotland 21 Aston Villa 4.6M 9.5K
Henri Lansbury England 20 West Ham 4.6M 16K
Franco Zuculini Argentina 20 Zaragoza 4.6M 37.5K
Joel Obi Nigeria 20 Inter 4.5M 18.75K
Filipe Anderson Brazil 18 Santos 4.5M 1.8K
Vitaliy Vitsenets Ukraine 20 Shakhtar 4.5M 7.75K
Sergi Roberto Spain 19 Barcelona 4.2M 3.2K
Mubarak Wakaso Ghana 20 Villarreal 3.9M 13.75K
Fernando Brazil 19 Gremio 3.9M 2.2K
Albin Ekdal Sweden 21 Cagliari 3.9M 16.5K
Edenilson Brazil 21 Corinthians 3.8M 1.5K
Tinga Brazil 20 Palmeiras 3.8M 6.25K
Denys Garmash Ukraine 21 Dynamo Kyiv 3.6M 12.5K
Korey Smith England 20 Norwich 3.3M 3.2K
Wellington Nem Brazil 19 Figueirense 3.1M 1.2K
Paul Pogba France 18 Manchester Utd. 3M 1.6K
Jordi Clasie Holland 20 Feyenoord 2.5M 7.25K
Sanjin Prcic Bosnia & H. 17 Sochaux 2.5M 0.01K
Tom Cairney Scotland 20 Hull 2.4M 3.2K
Zakaria Labyad Morocco 18 PSV 2.3M 5.25K
Raphael Holzhauser Austria 18 Stuttgart 2.2M 1.4K
Jeff Louis Haiti 18 Lemans 2.2M 0.67K
Franck Bambock France 16 PSG 2M 0.09K
Danilo Portugal 19 Parma 1.9M 4.6K
Kevin Spain 19 Zaragoza 1.8M 2.7K
Javi Espinosa Spain 18 Barcelona 1.8M 1.6K
Markus Henriksen Norway 18 Rosenborg 1.6M 1.8K
Florent Cuvelier Belgium 18 Stoke 1.6M 0.4K
Mats Rits Belgium 17 Ajax 1.6M 5.5K
Aron Gunnarsson Iceland 21 Cardiff 1.5M 11.25K
Marco Verratti Italy 18 Pescara 1.3M 1.3K
Ryan Tunnicliffe England 18 Peterborough 1.2M 1.6K
Simone Calvano Italy 17 Genoa 1.1M 0.77K
Andile Jali South Africa 21 Orlando Pirates 0,55M 7.25K
Liam Palmer Scotland 19 Sheffield Wed. 0.4M 1.4K

Left Midfielders and Wingers (ML, AML)

Mario Gotze - one of FM 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Mario Gotze Germany 19 Dortmund 21.5M 37K
Gareth Bale Wales 21 Tottenham 16M 56K
Antoine Griezmann France 20 Real Sociedad 12.25M 13.75K
Andre Schurrle Germany 20 Leverkusen 12.25M 32K
Konstantin Rausch Germany 21 Hannover 8.5M 37K
Gokhan Tore Turkey 19 HSV 7.5M 16.5K
Adem Ljajic Serbia 19 Fiorentina 7.25M 28K
Eugene Konoplyanka Ukraine 21 Dnipro 7M 9.5K
Gaston Ramirez Uruguay 20 Bologna 6.75M 28K
Andriy Yarmolenko Ukraine 21 Dynamo Kyiv 6.5M 23.5K
Pablo Sarabia Spain 19 Getafe 5.75M 9.75K
Magaye Gueye France 20 Everton 5.5M 24K
Alan Gatagov Russia 20 Dinamo Moscow 5.5M 4.5K
Joel Campbell Costa Rica 21 Arsenal 4.6M 8K
Marco Fabian Mexico 21 Chivas 4M 14.75K
Nacer Chadli Belgium 21 Twente 3.9M 9.5K
Ezequiel Spain 20 Betis 3.9M 3.3K
Rodrigo Alborno Paraguay 17 Inter 3.7M 10K
Juan Carlos Spain 21 Zaragoza 3.2M 2.9K
Jaime Spain 20 Granada 3.2M 8K
Yohan Mollo France 20 Granada 3.1M 10K
Jerson Cabral Holland 20 Feyenoord 3M 4.8K
Julian Luque Spain 19 Racing 2.3M 5.25K
Tommy Oar Australia 19 FC Utrecht 2.3M 4.2K
Yassine El Ghanassy Belgium 20 Gent 1.7M 7K
Carles Gil Spain 18 Valencia 1.6M 1.3K
Maxime Lestienne Belgium 19 Brugge 1.5M 4.2K
Martin Zeman Czech Rep. 21 Admira 1M 1.3K
Iuri Medeiros Portugal 16 Sporting CP 0.9M 0.07K
Zezinho Brazil 19 Bahia 0.9M 6.25K
Rodney Sneijder Holland 20 Utrecht 0.13M 2.8K

Right Midfielders and Wingers (MR, AMR)

Marc Albrighton - one of Football Manager 2012 wonderkids
Hint: Click on any column header to use sorting feature.
Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Alex Chamberlain England 17 Arsenal 19.25M 32K
Marc Albrighton England 21 Aston Villa 7.25M 32K
Kiko Femenia Spain 20 Barcelona 7M 7.25K
David Hoilett Canada 21 Blackburn 6.75M 24K
Gabriel Torje Romania 21 Udinese 6.75M 9.25K
Gerard Deulofeu Spain 17 Barcelona 6.25M 2.9K
Ryad Boudebouz Algeria 21 Sochaux 6M 14K
Bebe Portugal 20 Besiktas 5.5M 19.25K
Vladimir Weiss Slovakia 21 Espanyol 5.25M 32K
Eduardo Salvio Argentina 21 Atletico Madrid 5.25M 20.5K
Dudu Brazil 19 Dynamo Kyiv 5.25M 10K
Marcel Risse Germany 21 Mainz 5M 10K
Geraldo Angola 19 Coritiba 3.9M 2.5K
Younes Belhanda Morocco 21 Montpellier 3.8M 13K
Negueba Brazil 19 Flamengo 3.4M 1.2K
Henri Saivet France 20 Bordeaux 3.3M 0.95K
Paul-Georges Ntep France 18 Auxerre 3M 1.1K
Stephan El Shaarawy Italy 18 Milan/Genoa 2.9M 23.5K
Raheem Sterling England 16 Liverpool 2.9M 0.09K
Ahmed Musa Nigeria 18 VVV 2.9M 3.8K
Serdar Gurler Turkey 19 Sochaux 2.6M 5.75K
Xherda Shaqiri Switzerland 19 Basel 2.6M 10.75K
Keko Spain 19 Catania 2.5M 7.75K
Giorgi Chanturia Georgia 18 Vitesse 2.3M 4K
Deniz Naki Germany 21 St. Pauli 2M 18.75K
Junior Stanislas England 21 Burnley 2M 11.25K
Matej Vydra Czech Rep. 19 Brugge 1.9M 4.7K
James Forrest Scotland 19 Celtic 1.9M 8K
Juan Iturbe Argentina 18 Porto 1.9M 2.9K
Darko Lazovic Serbia 20 Red Star 1.8M 2.4K
Alvaro Vadillo Spain 16 Betis 1.4M 0.08K
Ivan Tomecak Croatia 21 Dinamo 1.4M 1.8K
Adnan Januzaj Albania 16 Manchester Utd. 0.95M 0.09K

Attacking Central Midfielders (AMC)

Thomas Muller - one of FM 2012 wonderkids
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Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Thomas Muller Germany 21 Bayern Munich 24.5M 80K
Alan Dzagoev Russia 21 CSKA Moscow 15M 32.5K
Thiago Spain 20 Barcelona 13.25M 20K
Sergio Canales Spain 20 Valencia 13.25M 43.5K
Eden Hazard Belgium 20 Lille 12M 64K
Jack Wilshere England 19 Arsenal 11.5M 72K
Lewis Holtby Germany 20 Schalke 11.25M 40K
Ganso Brazil 21 Santos 9.75M 24.5K
Julian Draxler Germany 17 Schalke 9M 27K
Tom Cleverley England 21 Manchester Utd 9M 8K
Roberto Firmino Brazil 19 Hoffenheim 8.5M 13.5K
Lucas Moura Brazil 18 Sao Paolo 8.25M 18.5K
Eric Lamela Argentina 19 Roma 7.25M 47K
Miralem Pjanic Bosnia & Herz. 21 Roma 7.75M 48K
Jano Georgia 18 Spartak Moscow 7.25M 3.4K
Georginio Wijnaldum Holland 20 PSV 6.75M 9.5K
Coutinho Brazil 19 Inter 6.75M 28K
Oscar Brazil 19 Internacional 6.5M 12.25K
Moritz Leitner Germany 18 Dortmund 6.5M 26.5K
Giuliano Brazil 21 Dnipro 6.5M 12.25K
Gael Kakuta France 20 Chelsea 6.5M 41.5K
Douglas Costa Brazil 20 Shakhtar 6.25M 13.25K
Pajtim Kasami Switzerland 19 Fulham 5.75M 29K
Gylfi Sigurdsson Iceland 21 Hoffenheim 5.75M 24K
Christian Eriksen Denmark 19 Ajax 5.25M 4K
Alex Teixeira Brazil 21 Shakhtar 5.25M 13K
James Rodríguez Colombia 19 Porto 5.25M 25K
Bernardo Brazil 21 Vasco 4.9M 6.5K
Jan Moravek Czech Republic 21 Schalke 4M 32K
Lulinha Brazil 21 Bahia 3.9M 14.25K
Patrik Brazil 20 Palmeiras 3.9M 0.925K
Thorgan Hazard Belgium 18 Lens 3.5M 0.77K
Sofiane Feghouli France 21 Valencia 3.4M 11.5K
Eugene Shakhov Ukraine 20 Dnipro 3.4M 1.5K
Rafinha Spain 18 Barcelona 3.1M 2.3K
Levan Kenia Georgia 20 Schalke 3.1M 21.5K
Haris Vuckic Slovenia 18 Newcastle 2.9M 12.75K
Filip Djuricic Serbia 19 Heerenveen 2.8M 4.3K
Suso Spain 17 Liverpool 2.6M 16K
Diego Suarez Bolivia 18 Dynamo Kyiv 2.6M 1.4K
Leonardo Bittencourt Germany 17 Cottbus 2.6M 3.7K
Fernando Matos Brazil 19 Anderlecht 2.4M 2.5K
Iago Falque Spain 21 Juventus 2.4M 16K
Abdallah Yaisien France 17 PSG 2.4M 0.95K
Mateo Kovacic Croatia 17 Dinamo 2.3M 2.5K
Abdallah Yaisien France 17 PSG 2.3M 0.95K
Kevin De Bruyne Belgium 20 Genk 2.2M 8K
Eyal Golasa Israel 19 Maccabi Haifa 2.2M 2.3K
Kylian Hazard Belgium 15 Lille 2.1M 0.09K
Sotiris Ninis Greece 21 Panathinaikos 2.1M 10.25K
John Fleck Scotland 19 Rangers 1.8M 9.5K
Viktor Fischer Denmark 17 Ajax 1.8M 3.5K
Cidinho Brazil 18 Botafogo 1.8M 0.62K
Lorenzo Tassi Italy 16 Inter/Brescia 1.8M 0.35K
Clement Grenier France 20 Lyon 1.7M 9.5K
Adam Maher Holland 17 AZ 1.6M 1.4K
Wendel Brazil 19 Atletico Mineiro 1.4M 0.925K
Lucas Andersen Denmark 16 AaB 1.4M 1.1K
Erick Torres Mexico 18 Chivas 1.4M 7.5K
Sebastian Maier Germany 17 1860 Munchen 1.2M 2.3K
Muhammed Demirci Turkey 16 Besiktas 0.85M 0.08K
Saul Spain 16 Atletico Madrid - 0.08K

Forwards (FC)

Pato - one of Football Manager 2012 wonderkids
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Name Country Age Club Value Wage
Pato Brazil 21 Milan 40M 190K
Bojan Spain 20 Roma 17.75M 34.5K
Romelu Lukaku Belgium 18 Chelsea 16.75M 64K
Stevan Jovetic Montenegro 21 Fiorentina 14.25M 44.5K
Mario Balotelli Italy 20 Manchester City 13.75M 160K
Connor Wickham England 18 Sunderland 13M 56K
Iker Muniain Spain 18 Athletic 12.5M 8.25K
Danny Welbeck England 19 Manchester Utd 11M 12.75K
Neymar Brazil 19 Santos 10.75M 27.5K
Salomon Rondon Venezuela 21 Malaga 10.5M 30.5K
Son Heung-Min South Korea 18 HSV 10.5M 24K
Abel Hernandez Uruguay 20 Palermo 9.5M 23.5K
Tomas Necid Czech Rep. 21 CSKA Moscow 9.5M 25K
Daniel Sturridge England 21 Chelsea 8M 96K
Emilio Nsue Spain 21 Mallorca 7.75M 19K
Federico Macheda Italy 19 Manchester Utd 7.5M 9.5K
Alvaro Morata Spain 18 Real Madrid 7.5M 3.5K
Lacina Traore Ivory Coast 20 Kuban 7.5M 13.5K
Leandro Damiao Brazil 21 Internacional 7.25M 42.5K
Khouma Babacar Senegal 18 Fiorentina 5.5M 16.5K
Jordan Ayew Ghana 19 OM 5.5M 16K
Nathan Delfouneso England 20 Aston Villa 5.5M 23K
Leandro Brazil 18 Gremio 5.25M 3.1K
Ryo Miyaichi Japan 18 Arsenal 5.25M 8K
Alvaro Vazquez Spain 20 Espanyol 5M 12.5K
Luc Castaignos Holland 18 Inter 5M 18.75K
Francisco Alcácer Spain 17 Valencia 5M 1.7K
Chris Wood New Zealand 19 West Brom 5M 8.75K
Kleber Brazil 21 Porto 4.8M 9.75K
Kevin Volland Germany 18 Hoffenheim 4.7M 10.25K
Josi Altidore USA 21 AZ 4.8M 55K
Andre Brazil 20 Dynamo Kyiv 4.7M 9K
Nile Ranger England 20 Newcastle 4.4M 12.75K
Vincent Aboubakar Cameroon 19 Valenciennes 4.4M 4.8K
Alex Brazil 20 Botafogo 4.3M 1.2K
Caio Brazil 20 Botafogo 4.3M 3.7K
Dellatorre Brazil 19 Internacional 4.1M 8.75K
Jay Rodriguez England 21 Burnley 3.9M 12.75K
Guido Marilungo Italy 21 Sampdoria 3.9M 37.5K
Walter Brazil 21 Porto 3.7M 14K
Kolbeinn Sigþórsson Iceland 21 Ajax 3.7M 9K
William Jose Brazil 19 Sao Paolo 3.6M 2.5K
Ishak Belfodil France 19 Lyon 3.6M 8.5K
Rodrigo Spain 20 Benfica 3.6M 14K
Vaclav Kadlec Czech Rep. 19 Sparta Prague 3.5M 2.1K
Hervin Ongenda France 16 PSG 3.4M 0.09K
Mattia Destro Italy 20 Inter 3.3M 16.5K
Luuk de Jong Holland 20 Twente 3.2M 9K
Ji Dong-Won South Korea 20 Sunderland 3.2M 40K
Nelson Oliveira Portugal 19 Benfica 3.1M 6.25K
Seba Brazil 19 Cruzeiro 3M 1.2K
Lenny Nangis France 17 Caen 3M 0.8K
Alberto Paloschi Italy 21 Chievo 2.9M 33K
Mbaye Niang France 16 Caen 2.9M 4K
Fode Koita France 20 Montpellier 2.8M 11.25K
Cedric Bakambu France 20 Sochaux 2.6M 8.5K
Martin Galván Mexico 18 Cruz Azul 2.5M 2.6K
Jose Baxter England 19 Everton 2.5M 1.3K
Yannis Tafer France 20 Lyon 2.4M 3.5K
Taufic Guarch Mexico 19 Estudiantes 2.4M 2.1K
Souleymane Coulibaly Ivory Coast 16 Tottenham 2.4M 0.09K
Ronny Rodelin France 21 Lille 2.4M 10.25K
Yaya Sanogo France 18 Auxerre 2.2M 3.6K
Christian Benteke Belgium 20 Genk 2.2M 5.5K
Adam Campbell England 16 Newcastle 2M 0.09K
Christophe Aurier France 17 Lens 1.9M 0.1K
Vaclav Kadlec Czech Rep. 19 Sparta Prague 1.9M 2.2K
Boakye Ghana 18 Genoa 1.8M 1.3K
Marko Livaja Croatia 17 Cesena 1.7M 0.08K
Lucas Piazon Brazil 17 Sao Paolo 1.5M 0.925K
Miguel Medina Paraguay 18 Udinese 1.4M 2.1K
Carlos Fierro Mexico 16 Chivas 1.1M 0.01K
Memphis Depay Holland 17 PSV 1.1M 0.08K
Marco Bueno Mexico 17 Pachuca 1.1M 0.08K
Vitinho Brazil 17 Botafogo 0.67M 1.4K
Leigh Griffiths Scotland 20 Wolves 0.24M 3.2K